Thursday, March 27, 2008

Entirely Under-rated

Sir Cody Chesnutt, from Atlanta, GA, has been out for a minute now, since 2002, with his 2-disc LP The Headphone Masterpiece. He is probably best known for his collaboration with
The Roots in the classic song The Seed 2.0. Chestnutt with is soft voice incorporates funk, rock, hip-hop, blues, and soul into his music. How can you not like him?

Here are two of my favorite Chesnutt songs, enjoy. Courtesy of Imeem

Visit Cody Chesnutt's Myspace.

"Sleeping is no mean art: for its sake one must stay awake all day." ~Friedrich Nietzsche

Random Tangent at 4:30 am when I should be sleeping.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jack of All Trades

Sean John Fall 2008 Collection.


No Bitchassness at this show.
Sean John might be more than just urbanwear.

Wish I was home for this one.

Poet/Singer/Rapper/Actor Saul Williams in set to preform at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC on April 2nd.

Video: Saul Williams with his poem Wake Up. Courtesy of youtube.

Did you see how everyone stopped to listen to him? Crazy...


Video: An overview of the war's current status and what's been going on in the past 5 years. Courtesy of Mtv.

"I prefer peace.
Wouldn't have to have one worldly possession.
But essentially I'm an animal,
so just what do I do, with all the aggression?"
Gnarls Barkley, Just A Thought

Monday, March 24, 2008

Some things never go away...

Valentine's Day cards still on my desk, socks still in my drawer, bracelet still on my wrist.
You still on my mind.

This is hard for me too.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

When I Grow Up I Want to be Nick Naylor

One of the best satires I have ever seen...definately a classic

Video: Trailer of Thank You For Smoking. Courtesy of youtube.

Its not a new movie, but definately worth seeing. It kind of makes you want to smoke...but you didn't hear that from me. Rent it now.

You Know You've Made It When....

Rihanna's Milk Ad.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Racist or Honest?

Barack Obama's pastor Jeremiah Wright has been taking slack recently for his so-called racist comments, but in all reality some of his statements do not seem to be racist, only honest; we all know that honesty isn't allows appreciated. Maybe his approach was uncalled for, but his message and opinion is definately understandable.

I don't be the judge.

Video: Controversial Clips of Pastor Jeremiah Wright. Courtesy of youtube.

I do hope that this does not effect Obama's campaign. In Obama's speech in response to Wright's comments and racism, he did a great job explaining how his politcal views have nothing to do with the views of his pastor. Obama wants 
to promote unity in his presidential campaign, not separation

Video: Barack Obama's response to Jeremiah Wright's comments. Courtesy of youtube.

Makes You Wonder

This song leaves me speechless

Video: Amy Winehouse recording Love is a Losing Game. Courtesy of youtube.

I Like

Band of Outsiders Spring 2008

They even have a line with Sperry Top-Sider that can be found at Barneys.

Check out Band of Outsiders Blog. All of the pics are in Polaroid.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Making the DMV Proud

So, I just finished reading the newest Rollingstone with Chris Rock on the cover and while flipping the pages to my surprise I see an article on DC native rapper Wale under Artist to Watch. Rollingstone called him the next Kanye West, which is pretty impressive. Sir Wale is doing some big things in the music industry (com'on he has a song with Lil' Wayne) and I feel like a proud parent, being from Maryland myself I have been a fan from the beginning.

Wale currently has a sick mixtape out ironically called Mixtape About Nothing that supposedly has a cameo with Sienfeld's Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who played Elaine Benes if you are familiar with the show, which I think is kind of cool. His official album is due to be released this fall under DJ Mark Ronson's record label Allido Records. Mark Ronson has worked with artist including Amy Winehouse (my favorite), Lilly Allen, Christina Aguilera, and Maroon 5.

Video: Wale's
interview during URB magazine photoshoot with Justice. His remix to Justice's 
D.A.N.C.E. is sooo sick, I'm sneezing. Courtesy of youtube.

Wale's gotta have songs:
Nike Boots (Remix) feat. Lil' Wayne
Ice Cream Girl feat. TCB
1 Thing About A Playa

Check out Wale's myspace
"Yall believe me when i do it, don't sass me for doing it" -Wale


The day things ended was coincidently the day it rained...and it felt like forever.
I'm sorry.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thanks For Stepping Your Game Up

I am normally not a big fan of H&M, due to the fact that once you buy a garment there you will probably see five other people wearing the exact same thing on any given day. But their Spring 2008 collection is a little undeniable.

It seems that H&M is aiming for a more mature clean-cut look this season, that I can appreciate. I especially like this metallic gray blazer, collar-less button down shirt, and short trench coat material jacket.

Blazer- $129.00

Jacket- $49.40

Shirt- $29.90

I can only wear t-shirts and striped hoodies for so long.

No One Ever Really Dies

"The Neptunes are who we are and N.E.R.D is what we do. It's our life. N.E.R.D is just a basic belief, man. People's energies are made of their souls. When you die, that energy may disperse but it isn't destroyed." -Pharrel Williams

I've been missing N.E.R.D., songs like Provider and Am I High are still on my playlist. The long awaited third album Seeing Sounds is to be released in late June 2008. The first released single is Everyone Nose. If you watched Rip the Runway 2008, N.E.R.D. preformed this song during Zac 
Posen's collection.

There's another track What's Wrong With Me from Seeing Sounds that I'm definately digging.

Too bad I don't think I am going to make the Glow in the Dark Tour. (Shaking my head in dissappoinment)

Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks are the Cool Kids

Hot retro sounding beats with witty verses.

I actually heard of this Chicagon duo, who met online, months ago from one of my favorite mags 
Dazed and Confused

Video: Cool Kids Freestyle. Courtesy of youtube.

Remember this commercial?...Yep that's them.
Video: Rhapsody Commercial Cool Kids and Sara Bareilles. Courtesy of youtube

They made the 80's cool...again.

Other nice tracks:
Gettin' It featuring Lil' Wayne
Gold and a Paper
I Rock (I'm Mikey)

Black Mags

Action Figures

“The man with the boots does not mind where he places his foot.”

I know that spring is right around the corner, but I wouldn't mind wearing these year round.

Quoddy Moccasin Trail Company- $200.50
Upper is water-resistant Peanut Grizzly leather, a natural brown with a pebbled texture. The inside is fully lined with top-grade deerskin, for smooth comfort.

...especially considering the price and my little college budget.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Formal Introduction

Hello, everyone.

I am an aspiring free-lance writer and magazine editor. The main objective of this blog is to give viewers incite on the latest things going on around us from politics to fashion. I have a passion for details and a desire to appreciate my surrounds, this blog is very much a reflection of these two things as well as the many random tangents that encompass my mind.

I hope you all enjoy.

-Malcolm Peter