Sunday, December 28, 2008

But soft...

I just finished watching William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, with Leonardo DiCarpio and Claire Daine. If you have not seen the movie, it is the story of Romeo and Juliet in modern Venice Beach, yet in the same dialect of the original play. Love that movie, the colors are so vivid and the director's interpretation of such a classic iconic play is very refreshing. Not to mention the soundtrack.

One song I like in particular is "Everybody's Free" by Quindon Tarver. That little boy can blow.

Love Her

Grapes anyone?

Theophilus London (great name by the way) is a up and coming underground rapper with a sound I haven't really heard before and his style is something to pay some attention to (check out his shoes in the video below). I came across his music by luck. He happens to be my facebook friend...I don't even though how that happened, but his videos are very entertaining. 

Cold Pillow is one of the tracks from his mixtape entitled This Charming Mixtape. I haven't heard too much of his material, but if its anything like this song I predict a great future for him in the music industry. 

Click Here for free download of Cold Pillow
I heard it gets pretty hype at his concerts.

The Thin Line

I understand with clothing that there is a thin line between being fashion-forward and just doing too much. Most clothes on the runway don't translate very well or shouldn't be worn at all on the streets of real life, that I understand as well. 

 But this...
the tights with the shorts
I think I could pull off. 

Terry Richardson

I just love how you can always tell it's a Terry Richardson photo by just looking at it. 

Next purchase....a camera

Monday, December 8, 2008

Streetlights - 808s & Heartbreak

I'd say I messed up
Done things I shouldn't
At the time, maybe, it seemed like a good idea
But now I know it wasn't
Yea I'll take full responsibility for that
Because in all reality I wasn't thinking
Yet in my defense, sometimes it easier not to
The pain of my thoughts have me sinking
Especially considering how life's turned out

I'd say I messed up
Isn't that what you want to hear, right?
Said one or two many lies too much
Would've thought to just keep my mouth shut
But that doesn't do any good these days either
The truth does come out anyway
Well most of it does
And thats a good thing for you
I doubt you could handle all the truth

I'd say I messed up
Priorities screwed up, ambitions tainted, hope demolished
Tarnished brass once polished
I clearly see the problems
You've mapped them all out for me
But let's just say, I am a product of my raising
And not all of the fingers should be pointed at me
Yet I still try not to show resentment 
Despite of the fact it seeps through my pores

I'd say I messed up
I face the brutal consequences now
Honestly, I've seen it coming for a while
Been collecting bottles of water and canned foods
AA batteries, flash lights
Even nailed boards over the windows
I've prepared for the storm
Gotten pretty numb to the situation completely
I hear thats called a mental defense mechanism
Maybe so, but I've grown so tired of crying and fighting with myself
Tired of smiling when there's nothing to smile about